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Leaky Faucet in North Bend Washington

Is the plinking sound of a faucet keeping you up all night? Are you delaying a faucet repair job because it is an added expense to an already-tight budget?

We hate to break it to you.

But, that same leak will cost much more if not addressed in time. It is causing damage you are probably not even aware of.

You can count on our leaky faucet North Bend experts to tackle the problem. Schedule your appointment today for quality faucet repair and replacement services in North Bend, Washington.

Household leaks account for 9,400 gallons of wasted water in a year; leaky faucets take the lion’s share. A faucet might seem like a small component in the entire plumbing system. However, as the component that sees the most frequent handling, it is bound to wear out and malfunction. Besides, a leak won’t resolve on its own; it will only escalate.

Why get your faucet repaired?

A leaky faucet is plain annoying. The constant sound – drip, drip, drip – is irritating, especially at night when the silence amplifies it.

Leaks are wasteful too. Every drop of water adds up resulting in huge amounts of wasted water. And, with the world slowly moving towards a water crisis, we should be mindful of the way we use this valuable resource.

The wasted water could also cause a spike in your water and energy bills. A leak increases the water reading, even when actual consumption is zero. Hence, the best way to detect a leak is to keep a tab on your water meter reading.

You may notice ugly stains on the sink and tubs. The water pooling out of the faucet discolors the porcelain, marble and stone used in sanitaryware.

In addition to the dangers listed above, dripping faucets are known to cause considerable structural damage. A persistent leak puts pressure on the plumbing system further damaging pipes and other components. Moisture and metal are not a great combination. If not taken care of in time, your home piping systems will soon corrode and lead to clogs. Corrosion also causes cracks in pipes worsening the leakage.

Not only this, the moisture seeps into surrounding wooden surfaces such as cabinets and shelves too. Overtime, they warp and rot. Rotting compromises structural integrity and could lead to wooden surfaces buckling under heavy weight.

Finally, the dampness from a leaky faucet could pose a serious health risk. Mold growth on walls aggravates respiratory issues.

What’s causing the leak?

The reasons are varied, starting most often with worn out parts. This includes damaged washers, seals and cartridges. These components are known to regulate the flow of water. They have their life and gradually show signs of wear. Faucets also leak due to corroded seals and valves. In addition to this, a wrong sized washer or improper installation might also cause a leak.

A dripping faucet might also indicate high water pressure. If this is the case, you will notice the faucet leaking at a certain time of the day. The water backs up and finding no other outlet ends up as a faucet leak. Water might leak out of a damaged faucet too. You might be staring at a broken knob, or a faucet that doesn’t close off.

Contact us if you’d like to fix a leaky faucet in your home. We are a full-range plumbing service provider in North Bend, Washington. One of our specialties include faucet repair. We handle all calls quickly and efficiently. Faucet repair services at Competitive Water Heater include mending kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and utility sink faucets.

Our team of trained plumbers can diagnose the exact cause of the leak and fix it for you. We investigate if the leak is superficial or the result of an underlying plumbing issue. By eliminating the guesswork, we save you a great deal of time and money, while preventing structural damage.

Besides, no matter what the cause of the leak or the type of faucet, we can repair it for you. For defective faucets that are beyond repair, we can suggest a suitable upgrade. You can choose from a wide selection of hardware fixtures and functions for your bathroom and kitchen remodel.

If you have the right tools and maybe a little training, your faucet repair North Bend could very well be a DIY project. However, if you don’t know what to do, don’t mess with your home’s plumbing system, just give us a call. We are fully-equipped to handle a plumbing emergency as well as a well-spaced out home remodel.

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